My New Favourite Things 2018

My favourite thing about a new school year is CHANGE. While the bulk of my program stays the same from year to year, I thrive on the opportunity to find new ideas and implement them into my classroom to either improve an area of my teaching or enhance what is already there. This year I... Continue Reading →

What Are You Working For?

In a Special Education setting, behaviours must be taught, practiced and reinforced in order to maintain and generalize skills for different environments outside of your classroom. Keep it simple and expand when necessary, starting with these tips. 1. Establish a set of rules. Provide a visual of the rule you want your student to follow. Simple picture communication symbols are... Continue Reading →

Visual Schedules in the ASD Classroom

Why implement a visual schedule in your classroom? Improves receptive language Expands child's interests Increases flexibility Reduces inappropriate behaviours caused by anxiety Transition tool Develops independence, organization - put it in the IEP! One schedule does not fit all, and just like any other teaching tool schedules need to be differentiated to fit the individual... Continue Reading →

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