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Morning Meeting: Combining Social & Academic Learning

The word 'individual' is used in abundance in Special Education to describe the nature of the student's school day. Their programs are individualized, their schedules are individualized, and worktime is often completed one-on-one with an adult to ensure that 'individualized' goals are met. "The underlying goal of any Special Education program is to provide students with the skills to... Continue Reading →

TEACCHing Structured Work Systems

"What do you do with your students all day?"   Structured Work Systems are based on TEACCH values that suggest through evidence that teaching through a visually organized system promotes understanding and clarity for individuals with Autism. The Work Space is... Free(ish) of distractions Each student has a deskspace but are close together for staff to roll... Continue Reading →

Sign Language in the ASD Class

In my first year of teaching I worked in a treatment centre for dual-diagnosis students and with one student in particular who had both Autism and was Deaf. As one of my most behaviourally challenging students to this day, I struggled to find a balance between her PECS & Signing systems for her to communicatem... Continue Reading →

AAC in the ASD Class

1. Honour to Teach - If the student's goal is to ask for preferred items and you've put an ipad on their choice board, it must be honoured at all times - outside, during instruction, during work time etc. Be prepared for this! If a child requests help using a Big Mack button, help them EVERYTIME - even if you're sick of... Continue Reading →

Visual Schedules in the ASD Classroom

Why implement a visual schedule in your classroom? Improves receptive language Expands child's interests Increases flexibility Reduces inappropriate behaviours caused by anxiety Transition tool Develops independence, organization - put it in the IEP! One schedule does not fit all, and just like any other teaching tool schedules need to be differentiated to fit the individual... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the ASD Community Class!

I began the third year of my Special Education career opening a brand new, freshly built Primary Community Classroom in an existing school. What an amazing opportunity to completely design my very own classroom space and start from scratch with my own program. With some help from S.B. Linton, I set up my classroom in a... Continue Reading →

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